Increase Bookings with SEO for Your Vacation Rental Business

There are many SEO guides out there, but this one was specifically written with short-term rental property managers in mind. Our customers, property managers like you, complain of information overload when it comes to SEO: there are thousands of resources out there and many of them serve to confuse, not help, property owners and managers. Download the eBook, or request a demo to learn more!

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Your centralized command center

Manage your entire vacation rental business through a single, centralized dashboard. Automatically sync data across 30+ premium listing sites and manage it all through one unified calendar, inbox, and reservation system.


Grow Bookings

Our smart tools help boost conversion with immediate responses, scheduled communications, and proactive conversion tracking.

Save Time

Operate your business more effectively in less time using software instead of hiring more people or working around the clock.

Avoid Costly Errors

Automatically keep all your marketing channels in sync and avoid awkward double bookings with one centralized calendar. Never miss an inquiry by adding email autoresponders to your booking process.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Avoid frustrating out-of-date calendars and double-bookings by keeping your marketing channels automatically in sync. Stay on top of payments, deposits, and renter communications with powerful automation tools.


State-of-the-art channel management

Actively promoting your property through multiple channels at once can be a lot to juggle. With MyVR's robust integrations with leading listing sites such as HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor,, and Airbnb, you can manage everything through one centralized dashboard.


Direct Integrations



Comprehensive Integrations

  • Direct access to 30+ top vacation rental listing sites such as HomeAway, VRBO, TripAdvisor,, and Airbnb
  • Detailed booking information automatically syncs from your calendars, reservations, and inquiries into a single dashboard
  • No middlemen or intermediaries to get in the way or charge you additional fees
Centralized Dashboard
  • Updating every aspect of your property listings once makes it simpler for you to list on multiple channels
  • Managing your property data, availability, renter communications, and reservations through a single platform improves efficiency and saves you time 
  • Maintaining separate logins with various listing sites is no longer necessary

Centralized Dashboard


Unified Property Data



Unified Property Data 
  • Update your property information once and MyVR seamlessly updates all your marketing channels
  • Reduce management time: there's just one calendar, one set of rates, one set of photos, and one comprehensive set of property information to keep up-to-date
  • Avoid dreaded double bookings and maintain a holistic view of your inventory




Streamlined Communications

  • Manage inquiries from all of your channels through one centralized inbox
  • Track reservations from multiple sources in one place
  • Use our messaging tools to trigger automated communications or send personalized responses to guests across all marketing channels

Streamlined Communications


Vacation rental website builder

Launch a beautiful website for your vacation rental(s), no technical skills required. Accept payments from your renters, display unlimited photos, share local recommendations and events, and manage it all with a centralized availability calendar.



Website Templates



Engage Your Renters with Stunning Design

  • Beautiful templates for one property or 100+ properties.
  • Built with the latest technologies, fully responsive and mobile ready.
  • SEO optimized — We follow the best practices and give you full control.
  • Fully custom designs / third-party integrations available.



Customizable Templates

  • Easily customize your template design with our visual tools.
  • Upload a new logo, and change colors or fonts in seconds.
  • Get started right away. You can make a website in a couple of clicks.






Simple Editing

  • Automatically sync your website information with your property data.
  • Click and type in our content editor to update your custom content.
  • Optional layout editor: Just drag and drop to build your page however you like it.



Powerful Features

  • Integrated map search and filtering for your renters.
  • Robust local guides: Add an optional local guide to help attract potential renters, improve their stay, and save you time.
  • Built-in blogs: — Great for SEO and for providing relevant info to your renters.
Powerful Features


The vacation rental website builder that MyVR provides helps you obtain a professional final product with all the functionality that you need to be listing site independent.

Phoenix Vacation Homes

Olivia - Phoenix Vacation Homes
I simply love this software. It's easy to use, it's flexible and requires little or no effort to update changes across channels. Thanks MyVR.

Paradise At Plantation

allana - Paradise At Plantation
MyVR saves me at least an hour of administrative work every day and gives me the tools to focus on what's actually important, all at a very reasonable price.

Elevation Lodges

leron - Elevation Lodges